American Business Forum | About us
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About us

American Business Forum

We are a global boutique advisory firm. Our clients engage us to prove their business plan and achieve their desired ROI. We use our proprietary High Value Projects (HVP) approach to assist our clients achieve their desired commercial outcomes and policy goals both in the US and overseas.

Silicon Beach Tour

Our Silicon Beach Tour program facilitates the expansion of our clients’ US networks to expansion capital resources, strategic US business partners and blue chip US customer projects.

The Outdoor MBA

Our Outdoor MBA service ensures that individual executives grow their professional skill sets at the same time they experience the great outdoors and take on their own  individualized fitness goals.

Advisory (HVP)

1.  Business Development
2.  Strategy Development + Market Research
3.  Transaction Management + Contract Negotiation Management
4.  Policy Development
5.  Software and Web Services
6.  Data Management